Friday, January 8, 2010

Its been too long

1. So today was mine and my bf's anniversary. He got me some awesome scrapbook goodies. I will hopefully post a video tomorrow of that. But wow does he listen. We have only been dating a short amount of time, so for him to be that good of a listener already is awesome. You can tell that he pays attention to the things I pick up when he oh so patiently goes into Michaels with me for sometimes an hour to walk out of there with 2 things lol.

2. Tupperware party is on Saturday and I am so nervous it is ridiculous. I am excited because it will be my first party but that is also why I am nervous. Also, I placed my order with them last week in hopes that it would get here in time. Well so far it is not here at all. I am supposed to be getting it on Saturday. I just hope that it shows up before the party starts. If not, Oh well.

3. I am starting Harry Potter 7 tonight. I realize I am way behind when it comes to reading. But cut me some slack. I just read the first one last semester in school. Then I had a bunch of other homework. So I am now on book 7. I am excited to read it though. Mainly because I already know what is supposed to happen.

Ok night all. I will be posting that video on youtube and then probably linking it through here also.

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